Italian defence minister Guerini to discuss key issues in Libya meetings

Italian defence minister Guerini to discuss key issues in Libya meetings
Mr Guerini is expected on August 5th in Tripoli, where he will discuss stabilisation, migration, the Tunisian crisis and other matters with key figures from the UN-backed government

Lorenzo Guerini, the Italian defence minister, will travel to Tripoli on August 5th for a series of highest-level meetings with the UN-backed Libyan government, a source from the latter institution told

He is bound to discuss the general situation in Libya, a stabilisation process for the country which prioritises the Libyans, and migration – a matter that has taken centre stage again in Italy following Covid-19 concerns, controversial dynamics internal to Libya, and the consequences of the economic and institutional crisis currently underway in neighbouring Tunisia.

The Italian minister is scheduled to talk with president Fayez al Serraj, foreign minister Mohamed Siala, deputy prime minister Ahmed Maiteeq and his equivalent Fathi Bashaga.

The diplomats will also be discussing logistical infrastructures in Misrata, a city that’s strategic in the current struggle pitting Mr Serraj’s government against general Khalifa Haftar’s rebels. Mr Guerini has declared in the past that peace in Libya can only be possible through a lasting ceasefire combined with internal diplomacy.

Despite the UN-imposed arms embargo on Libya (reinforced by EU and NATO operations) several foreign actors interfere with the process. Namely, Turkey and Russia, though having agreed not to further military solutions in Libya, are shipping military equipment to both factions.

Mr Guerini’s trip follows that of interior minister Luciana Lamorgese in July. The latter met with Libyan top diplomats to discuss the crucial dossiers of terrorism (related to the region’s stabilisation) and migration. She was accompanied by Gianni Caravelli, head of Italy’s foreign intelligence, who will also be going to Tripoli with Mr Guerini.

The partial overlapping of the dossiers brought forward by Mr Guerini and Ms Lamorgese bear testimony to the inextricable link between regional stabilisation and migration in North Africa.

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