Between connectivity & security: the new role of technology in China-EuroMed relations

The fifth segment of the workshop titled ‘A strategic nexus: the Euro-Mediterranean Region and China’.

Prof. Gadi Ariav, Retired Associate Professor of Technology and Information Systems Management at the Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University

Hon. Lucio Demichele, Head of Policy Planning at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Hu Kun, President of ZTE Western Europe and CEO of ZTE Italy
Mr. Luigi De Vecchis, President of Huawei Italia
Mr. Ilan Maor, Managing Partner at SHENG Enterprises, Shanghai; President of the Israel-China Chamber of Commerce
Prof. Franco Lapenta, Director of the Institute of Future and Innovation Studies of the John Cabot University
Prof. Luigi Martino, Professor of Cyber Security and International Relations, University of Florence

Prof. Ori Sela, Associate Professor in the Department of East Asian Studies at Tel Aviv University

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