For almost 25 years, Paolo Raffone (1963) has been engaged in international, strategic and security affairs in institutional and business environments. Legal advisor for the democratic transition and the human rights protection in Latin America, then joined the United Nations. In this capacity he progressed through a variety of positions – from legal expert for refugee law in South East Asia to member of the Advisory Group to the Under-secretary general for human rights (responsible for the political and operational programs for the democratic transition in Eastern Europe; co-established the UN Voluntary Fund for human rights) and later as civilian officer in the peace-keeping mission in the former Yugoslavia (responsible for civilian police and military-civilian security unit, and later coordinator for humanitarian contingencies). After obtaining an MBA, he has been working for international corporations in the field of energy, high technology, and defence. In 2005, he co-founded the Italian Center for International Perspective (CIPI network) and in 2011 the online magazine Strat-EU on intelligence and geopolitics. As a consultant, he has been engaged in open-sources intelligence analysis, lobbying, and negotiations for businesses and institutional clients. Paolo keeps partnerships with a variety of international think tanks and organization, and he is a regular guest speaker on international media on strategic and security issues. Paolo is also a prolific author of books and essays and he is a frequent teacher in post-graduate university courses, masters and seminars. Last but not least, Paolo has been working and living in more than 30 countries in 3 continents and he is fluent in 4 languages. The CIPI Foundation ( mission is to yield insights into strategy, innovation, and social dilemmas providing technical assistance and research-based advisory services. The research fields span a broad territory of deeply transformative trends, from demography and environment to technology, and from security and economics to human identity. Interdisciplinary research methodologies are integrated into creative long-term thinking. Our research generates the foresight needed to create insights that lead to action. Strat-EU ( is a not-for-profit venture distributing intelligence and geopolitics content based on internal research or external content creators. The latter is shown in the original language, giving credit to the authors and their publishers.

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